Beautiful View

Humans have a designated ‘beautiful view’ part of the brain.

Dr. Esther Sternberg author of “Healing spaces, the Science of Place & Well Being” explains this amazing fact here.

This special part of our brains is also rich in anti- pain molecules & endorphins.

Witnessing beautiful views not only gives pleasure, it increases our immunity.

Watch Sternberg’s powerful TEDX talk here. She makes a strong case for the impact of nature and our health.

Dr. Sternberg suggests we need to pay more mindful attention to our spaces. Thou environmental psychology isn’t new, it’s in the midst of a resurgence.

“Environmental psychology is oriented towards influencing the work of design professionals (architects, engineers, interior designers, urban planners, etc.) and thereby improving the human environment.” Wikipedia

With North Americans spending nearly 90% of our lives indoors, scientists and specialists are studying how behaviour is influenced by interior surroundings with particular attention to our health & wellbeing.

American Institute of Architects recently launched an initiative. “Design & Health Initiative” goal is to bring these / principals of health, peoples health at the forefront of all architectural design & urban design.

Dak Kopec, is the Director for Design for Human Health at Boston Architectural college. The program is innovative, because it’s the “first US credited design degree focusing on optimum human health”

This concept is observed in Canada too.

“We can merge what we are doing in science & help with design, to help people heal, be more productive, and to prevent disease.” Dr. Sternberg says. “We can integrate these systems & apply it, because science has proven it, “she continues.

Our physical environment impacts us consciously and unconsciously, in dramatic ways.

Advertisers know this very well.

Marketing companies spend billions sourcing what makes us linger longer in a grocery aisle, dial for a pizza, or adventure away to Newfoundland.

Visuals, scents, language, colour, pattern and sound may all be used to entice, influence mood and social behaviour.

Similar to these studies, scientists are discovering some amazing facts about artwork in our surroundings.

Truly remarkable results of exposure to artwork includes random acts of kindness, wounds healing faster, influencing our diets, increase of endurance and problem solving skills.

Nature art offers the most positive health influence. Why? We are hardwired to react positively to nature.

With behavior dramatically influenced by surroundings, doesn’t it make sense to apply this knowledge to our homes, offices, clinics, hospitals, lobbies to create positive well being?

Simple ways we can alter our spaces to increase productivity, health & wellness, is to introduce plants, colour, tactile experiences in fabrics & furniture, calming scents, visual imagery, and increase natural light. If a garden view isn’t possible, spark the BV ( Beautiful View) part of the brain with nature art. Science says so. :0)

PS~  Common thought that interior design was for esthetic purposes only, more firms are now recognizing the important factor of clients whole well being influenced by elements in the space.

You pass by that picture in the hallway thousands of times. In what way are you routinely consciously or unconsciously affected?


Experimenting with new tools these days, including erasers. Loving the idea of using a tool for it’s opposite purpose & the emotional impact of these free form paintings. The smaller new work you see above are completed with erasers.

I am continuing to developing new colour palettes in replicating sunlight. The new Canoe painting was infused today with more light, overall cohesive colour, and toning down of pattern. I am most pleased! All work is available for purchase, please email me for details. Thank you!