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“Dawn’s canvas’s evoke a world alive with motion, resonating with life that reaches up out of the soil to the sunlight.Her images invite us to celebrate this world, to imagine that which lies on it’s outer edges, and to participate in a world moving in light” D.L

She comes by her passion for nature quite honestly. Her mother, a nurse and avid gardener,  loved to be outdoors. With her father employed as a Park Conservation Officer, Dawn quickly came to love all the things in nature that she encountered daily in Saskatchewan’s Provincial Parks.

She has been deeply influenced by the vast diversity of Canadian regions in which she has resided, from the living sky of Saskatchewan, to the vibrancy of the Yukon, the lush forests of B.C, to the colorful parks of Ontario.

Dawn’s rooted connection to nature inspires her emotional impressionistic compositions bathed in a rich colourful palette.

With an affection for endurance sport, she is a seasoned marathon runner, avid cyclist, Ironman participant and happy wilderness wanderer.

Many public, corporate and private collectors have acquired Dawn’s works, in all regions of Canada, internationally and in the US.

Her work has been represented in galleries in Ottawa, Montreal, Saskatoon, Victoria, N. & S. Carolina, and now, her primary dealer, the Hambleton Galleries in Kelowna, B.C.

Dawn was selected to be a Signature member of the prestigious AFC Foundation (Artists for Conservation) in 2009.

A  strong supporter of charities, Dawn donates work each year in support of various fund-raising activities.

Selected Exhibitions

    • 1983 – Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan – Juried – awarded honorable mention
    • 1983 – North Battleford Saskatchewan – Juried – provincial exhibition
    • 1983 – Meadow Lake Saskatchewan Library solo exhibition
    • 1996 – Victoria British Columbia Eaton’s Centre Gallery
    • 2003 – Farmhouse Pottery – Hockley Valley – Spring
    • 2003 – Burdette Gallery Group Show – Spring
    • 2003 – Farmhouse Pottery Guest Art Fall Tour
    • 2003 – Logs Canada Showroom Hockley Valley – December
    • 2004 – Burdette Gallery Group Show – June
    • 2004 – Headwaters Studio Tour September – October
    • 2005 – Legacy Wild – London Exhibition
    • 2011 – 30 day Boreal Forest Expedition/ Art & Science project
    • 2016 – Ranchmen’s Emerging Artists Exhibit~ Calgary.
    • 2018- Shurniak Gallery Solo Show Oct-Dec.
    • 2018 – Watrous Art Collective- Solo Show Dec 17-22
    • 2018- Winter Group Show- Hambleton Galleries