Living Simpler

Ahhh…summer holidays.

Leaving the comforts of familiar surroundings can revitalize our spirits in surprising ways.
For those who work at home, it can offer a reprieve from both work & home demands.

It can also be a catalyst for change.
new day
“New Day” 8×10 New Oil on canvas

A friend returning from an extended wilderness trip remarked,
“I used one dish. One bowl to clean, & ta-da dishes are done!”
Wait till my husband finds out we are paring down to one dish each”.

Experiencing different environments offer us the unique opportunity to re-visit our own spaces with a new perspective.

Pining the feeling of cottage life?
What can you mimic in your home environment to enjoy the simpler way of life you discovered on holiday?
Did you play family games instead of watching tv?
Outdoor evenings spent by a campfire, no electronics in sight?
Pinpointing why certain elements are more relaxing/ energizing/ productive, is key to reproducing them.

The University of Minnesota studied ‘links the physical environments of hospitals to health outcomes’.
Discoveries like these can be applied to residential and work environments.

We pack our favourite clothes traveling.
Do they fit into one suitcase?
Fewer clothing selections reduces decision time and results in less laundry.
A study suggests we wear 20% of our entire wardrobe.
Yes, that’s 20%.

Less clutter is a reoccurring theme to increased productivity, better sleep, less stress, more cohesive environments.
Apparently, ‘less stuff’ frees us from more than just dusting.

Joshua Becker and family chose to live a minimalist life and wrote bestselling books about it.
In his blog he offers tips on how to sample living with less. Joshua points to the benefits of owning less, including a conscious choice of owning higher quality things, and displaying what matters most.
Newly evolved “Crimson” 22×28 original oil on canvas.

Visiting dwellings & galleries, I note what invites me in, and what makes me feel like staying.
I may learn by observing the efficiency an artist’s work area during a studio tour.

Upon my return, art, studio & home are viewed with fresh discerning eyes. Paintings are re-discovered, necessary purging completed.

A spirit lifted from the reprieve, is replenished with
new vision.
A clutter free studio is prepped for creation,
possibility emerges in the sparkling light.
Note: Living simpler can be beneficial to our health and a wise environmental choice.
After de-cluttering, donating items to those in need, becoming a conscious consumer is empowering.
No longer a slave to media driven dictated way of life, we are free to refine priorities based on our needs & individuality.
Similar to taking control of our nutritional & physical health, it’s liberating.