Joyful Beginnings

What was fun when you were 8?

Experts say children naturally do what they love and pursue it with gusto. Personality can shine like a bright new penny in youth.

We may lose a little of that shine from life demands, expectations and inhibitions that weigh on us as adults. If you are searching for your fun groove, think about what you enjoyed when you were 8.

Personality is a big deal in art, some would say, in artists too.

Artists need to entice buyers and establish their personality or ‘brand’ solidly among a massive sea of available art.

With demands to create prolifically, post often on social media, exhibit process and who is behind the brush, without compromising style or boundaries…

How to stand out?

Answers can be found creating art authentically unique in personality, with an unquenchable thirst to improve and evolve. Historical research can help pave the way, with consistent locked in studio time. Lastly, experiment fearlessly knowing failure is a huge component of growth. Thou staying on course isn’t easy, it’s worth the effort.

These are some of my continuing goals. What’s new for you in 2018? What’s happily the same?

Whatever your dreams, may you find your groove and the fun factor. May you thrive in the face of challenge and excel. May you be well, peaceful & happy.~

2018 projects include:

ART: So excited to share this new work with you!

New : Sunset Lake 14×18 oil on canvas. ( Thanks Tim M. for sharing your photo)

           Wood Door24×36 oil on canvas.

PRESENTATION: “Connect to nature in the way of an artist”. . without picking up a brush. Showing in spring at the Hockley Valley Studio of Al Pace, as part of their lecture series. Other locations yet to be determined.

EXHIBITS: Exhibiting in the fall at the Shurniak Gallery in Assiniboia Saskatchewan! After communicating with Bill Shurniak for 3 years, it’s an absolute dream to be showing at his beautiful legendary venue. To read about Bill’s incredible personal collection and vision behind his gallery, click here. And here.

With the workload ahead & to focus on what I do best.. paint, I will post on professional social media where my collectors are most active, Linked IN and my newsblog. Fairly new to Instagram, for now, you can find the art  @dawnartworks.

You are welcome to share the news/ social media links and web with friends. To purchase art, (2017 pricing applies presently) please email me at or my representatives at the Hambleton gallery, Kelowna BC.

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