Winds of Change

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? How is training going?

Canadian resolutioners will be pursuing a goal, or kicking a bad habit in one of the coldest, darkest months of the year. Training early might be a good plan.

Some Canadians believe we go into a form of hibernation during our chilly winters. That doesn’t exactly set the foundation for motivation.

Experts say it takes 90 days to establish a habit. October would be a good time to start prepping for next year’s goals.

Before you remind me it’s December, don’t dismay. You can still set the stage for success.

What advice can an Artist offer who has never made a New Year’s resolution?

1. Research. Gather documentation and set a game plan.Wish to expand your creative reach? What tools/training do you need? What gym will you join? Which programs will you sign up for? Looking for a job or location change? Is your your resume current?

2. Establish routine. How will this change affect your routine? Visualizing life goals in detail sows the seed for change.

3. Test run. Wean off an unhealthy snack. Try a free trial at the gym, an afternoon workshop of your desired instructional course. Can you see yourself attending on a regular basis?

4. Consult experts. Nutritionist, creative coach, volunteer coordinator, book editor, personal trainer, Doctor, etc. What do they suggest to make your goal possible? Can they be an active part of your plan? Ex: a creative coach may help with one aspect of your business you wish to grow: a Doctor may order a physical before suggesting fitness/weight loss ideas.

Equipped with a researched plan, expert advice, and testing the waters, you set a path to success for the winds of change.

You may even avoid hibernation all together. :0)


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P.S on a poetic note: Robert Genn relays a reader passage in “Letters” on the topic of Resolutions (pg 317)

“I will follow the internal river that roars in my ears and flows, sometimes not noticed, past my psyche of what I “should” paint for sales. I’ll step into the river. I’ll trust that the weight of what I have to say will remain buoyant and that the river will take me where I need to go.”

Wind of change- music

New Work:

“Sunrise Reflection” 11×14 oil on canvas ( now complete)

“Mist” ( island) 11×14 oil on canvas