Who do you live with?

“We are consciously selective of who we invite into our home. It’s our sanctuary.”
My client wasn’t referring to a specific person, rather a painting she had just purchased.
She spoke of teaching their family about conscious consumerism, awareness of valued, ethically sourced items. “And yes,” she said, “ when I place your painting in our home, I am inviting you in to have a place in our family. To influence us, those who visit and our surroundings.

Glenn Adamson former director of the Museum of Arts and Design, NY says “ People have dogs because they give them so much back. Our culture has not forgotten why you’d want to have a dog, but I feel it’s forgotten why you would want to have well made things in your life. That’s something we have to get back in touch with.” ( Psychology Today Aug. 2018).
Referencing his own environment, “I want every object that passes thru the door to deserve to be in the house. Not because its expensive, but because it makes sense. I want to know where it came from, who made it, and ideally, to have met them.”

You invite acquired pieces to engage you daily.
The quality of engagement depends on your selection. Thoughtfully chosen, they can have a positive impact to your health, and the environment.

Living with handmade unique items inspires original ideas, concepts, and stimulates creativity to flourish in those engaging with your collection.You encourage conscious consumerism, community, individuality, sustainability, legacy & innovation.

We are directly influenced mentally, physically & emotionally what surrounds us, and yes, that includes art.

Art & craft exhibit what can be formed from human mind, body & spirit. Empowering not just the creators, but those in their midst.

Trend on social media expresses ‘you can have the items in this room & design from ‘mass produced #bigbox.’
You weren’t made from a mold, perhaps the things you hold dear shouldn’t either? Original & handcrafted doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, and it usually holds or increases in value.

Express your individuality by celebrating, engaging in and living with original art & craft made by a master creative workerbee.

An original table will likely never see a landfill. It will serve your family, and hold loving stories for generations.

“If you don’t care about how something is (made) your are not likely to understand why its worthy of respect and why you’d want to have it. But it’s not just an heirloom you are refusing, you literally lose continuity with your familial past, and thats much more than failing the objects.” Glenn Adamson, author of ‘Fewer, Better Things.

Is your room designed for a magazine or for your life? We spend the majority of our lives indoors, perhaps we need to stop ‘filling spaces’ and begin creating custom healthy environments to thrive in.

Who do you live with?

“SunDance” 5ft x3.3 feet (40×60) oil $5300.oo

“Valley” 24×30 oil ~ will be avail. for purchase at the Hambleton Gallery in Kelowna BC. ( It will be shipped next month).

“Sunset Cloud” 11×14 oil on canvas ~$600.oo

~ P.S

As well as our own art&craft, our home is infused with beautiful work by friends & artists, who’s work we feel so fortunate to engage with and be inspired by daily.

Furniture all handcrafted by Marc Banning. Tables original design.
Pottery Candlesticks- Al Pace- Pace Pottery, ON
Pine needle basket – Yukon.
Original glasswork landscape & pieces shown – FyreGlas Studio – NC
Original pottery bowl ( and all dinnerware) Potterycupboard, ON.
Woven tea towel- Crossnore weavers, NC
Original soapstone carving, Helen Herr, SK.
Original handmade print- David Windrim, ON.
Blue glass plate- Prairie Glassworks, SK
Wooden bowl- gift from local woodcrafter.
Iron birds- Dirk blacksmith, NC ( tile block Motawi tile).

SunDance~ shown in progress ( last photo).