Exhibits and Mountain Cycling

Building a body of work for an exhibit is like road cycling in the mountains.

Unlike running where they need longer recovery, legs find a rhythm in the mountains, building strength day after day on the bike. It’s a unique phenomenon.

Tough challenging grades are targeted after several days of mountain cycling. Achieving this daily requires proper fuel and rest, walking, stretching, balancing endurance climbs with shorter ascents .

The Saskatchewan project feels like riding in the mountains. It is requiring great focus, physical, mental, and emotional endurance. The deeper I get into the work, each painting builds and evolves from the last. More ideas follow. The strength of the collection begins to take shape upon the cumulation of work.

Thou not in the beloved mountains these days, cycling helps to create great physical distance from the studio and find balance with work. With one  week totally 505k’s earlier this month, it’s helping me be productive and find confidence in the art.

On mountains excursions, days are limited, with so many to climb and explore.
Like this art project, reducing thousands of subject choices to a handful is a huge challenge.
Ideas now flow like thundering waterfalls. It’s peak days with the sands of time ebbing quickly.

In the words of the Beatles “I will get by with a little help from my friends.”
Thanks to Award winning Artist Julia Hargreaves for ongoing assistance curating the exhibit, honest feedback and endearing friendship.
To Dad for your steadfast support, allowing me to ship & store paintings at your home before transport to the gallery. To friends, family and clients who have marked their calendars to attend the exhibit. To Donna for her touching gift of a dress for opening night.
To the Hambleton Gallery for giving me space to work on the collection, allowing me to work on paintings for your venue later this summer.
To Marc, for making a wide berth of the studio, endless support and positive feedback.

Thanks to you, for collecting & sharing the work. Without you, this art would cease to be.

Keep busy while you are waiting for something to happen.”
Robert Genn.

The Mountain 3ft x 4ft oil on canvas ~ available to purchase

Sunset Cloud ( NEW) 11×14 oil on canvas ~ available to purchase

(work for exhibit is under wraps, hence the blurry studio photos.)

Note: Happy Father’s Day this weekend to all the great Dad’s!

Mine is a wonder of steadfast love, endless patience, and strength. A tremendous role model as father, husband, son, neighbour, friend, conservation officer, musician, avid reader, global citizen, humanitarian, and athlete. Thanks for the belief Dad, and letting me use the hammer.