Welcoming Engagement

Cave paintings served as communication such as “Bison herd at the river,” or “Beware! tiger behind the big rock.”
Depending on drawing accuracy, they may have offered entertainment value too.
Cave art announced status “I have a horse,” recorded events, genealogy, & conserved history.
Similar to modern day vision boards painted scenes like “hunting magic” were for abundance of prey.
Depicting religious elements, Gods were painted larger & fancier than the other guys.
Artists were often considered Shaman with a worthy place among society.

Somewhere in history paintings lost the distinction of serving people, by becoming something ‘for’ the walls.
We hear evidence of this often.
“My dining room needs a painting. The living room is crying for a piece. Our lobby needs art. That hallway needs… something.”
Rooms themselves don’t give a hoot.

Art is for & all about you in the best way. It will enhance your dining experience, enrich living, comfort patients, occupy & stimulate clients, entertain visitors and keep you company. Transition areas with art will orchestrate inhabitants ‘room’ experience. Ie: Pastel mauve hallway paintings leading to bedrooms entices restfulness.

Paintings aren’t passive, but an active engagement, a real life energy exchange.

Like the art of our cave ancestors, they relay story element, educate & inspire. They become members of the family in a way, hanging around for generations. Paintings are windows to wilderness and possibility. It’s lovely to have reminders of rivers & rocks, without tigers lurking. Art can be an invitation to wander in nature.

Impressionism is a balance between abstract and representational, breathing life into both modern contemporary spaces and traditional.

Spaces don’t transform with art. Art transforms the lives within those spaces.

Yet, art may still be an afterthought.
This came to light during a meeting with an investment firm manager about their art collection. Rather, their lack of one.
Touring me thru glassed offices after hours, it ‘didn’t come to mind’, she said “despite spending a lot on renovations,” gesturing me to the lobby with 3 plastic chairs, a plant and outdated magazines.

Reception staff and lobby are the first impression of your company.
Viewing bright windowed luxury offices with cushy chairs offered a different impression than the lobby tucked in a corner with uncomfortable seating.

Thou unintentionally, it sends a less than positive message to your clients. If this room is an afterthought, so are they. Asking clients to invest, without investing in them, you face challenges before you begin. Seeing to their comfort and experience builds relationships. It expresses you value them & the relationship.
Attention to what seem like smaller details have huge returns. Great coffee served in a tasteful pottery mug, comfortable seating with a window or art view, nature ( the plant counts) pleasant scents and sounds contribute to a positive experience, set the foundation for positive meetings to follow. ( or in clinics, positive treatment).

Original art, comfortable handmade wood chairs, side tables with real books, pottery mugs ( not styrofoam) offer tactile experience,  state conscious consumerism &sustainability.

This attention to detail gives a lasting impression, rather than a temporary feel. Have you sat in a sparse lobby with disposable furniture, no pictures, wondering if the business is moving or closing?

Strongly influenced by visuals, paintings were our first language.
What does your vision board look like? what influences surround you, your family, staff, clients? You have the power to make a difference with your choices.
Welcome clients ( patients, visitors, guests) a quality experience and you both reap rewards.

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Wooded Trail, Autumn Woods, Mountain each 4ftx3ft oil  $3950.

Sunrise Pond 24×36 oil  $2170.

Quiet Morning ( NEW) 9×12 oil on board $480.

Amaryllis 30×40  oil  $2700

Wooded Trail in Morning ( New in progress) 12×36 oil $1200

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~ All handmade furniture crafted by Marc Banning. Handcrafted serving bowl by the Pottery Cupboard.