The Live Experience

Do you remember testing CD’s with provided headphones at music stores?
You didn’t need permission to try different styles, nor was it necessary to understand complexities of instruments, chords or symbolic lyrics.
It was a wonderful way to explore different artists & genres, purchasing what you enjoyed.

Now, imagine wandering conveniently from arena to arena, hearing those musicians live.

In a way, that’s what art galleries do.

Galleries and museums host a banquet of genres for you to explore.
Feel the passion live & see rhythm dance in paint, clay, bronze and multimedia.
Modern classics, cartoon florals, impressionistic landscapes, ultra realism, colourful abstracts, and historical art.
Stand mere inches from Van Gogh’s olive trees. Imagine he stood here at this distance, arm held just so to achieve that angle of brushstroke. See the grasshopper stuck in the paint, now over 100 years old.

Wander galleries at your leisure, what pulls and intrigues you? Be curious about your own responses to work. What challenges, delights, surprises or captures you? Curious to know more? ask representatives or staff to explain the work.
It’s their job to be of assistance, and are usually happy to share their knowledge.

I first experienced the opera, symphony, and ballet at the age of 17. Each event captivating and unique from each other.
All introduced to me by my brother, who lived in the city while attending University.
Ever the patient guide, he explained the Marriage of Figaro and the complicated sound of jazz.
One night he took me to a lively blues joint. Rich vibrations rumbled thru the floor right up into my body and soul.
Deep spellbinding voices with incredible guitar mastery the musicians blew the roof off and my world tilted.
Leaning over to my brother, I said “I don’t understand it all ,but its incredible!”
“You don’t have to understand it Dawn,” he said, grinning,” just feel it.”
Delighted, I sat back and did just that.

~Recently I attended the Arthur Shilling exhibit at the Windsor Art Gallery. HIs subjects shimmer in vibrant colour, strength and story. If you visit, you may even feel the floor vibrate beneath you like I did..

A Dealer confessed, “We have to host big events in order to just get people in the door.” It seems many don’t desire to venture out and experience art live.

New work !!
“Ocean” 4ft x 3ft  oil on canvas now complete

“Northern Island” 16x 20 oil on canvas.

All work is available for purchase, if you are in the area, feel free to make an appoint to visit the studio… live & in person.