The Fan

Many years ago I walked into my print shop to pick up an order of business cards. The owner greeted me with a proposition. Desiring a new format for their business calendar, he saw an opportunity to both showcase a local artist and exhibit professional skill in designing and printing an upscale art calendar. 

I agreed to his offer wholeheartedly. 

The calendar was generously distributed by the publisher through our community.

It’s through this calendar that many of you found my work, and our friendships. 

One recipient, an instant fan, has connected me with as many collectors as any gallery representing me has. And that’s quite a feat. 

A tremendous champion of the work, she has:

  • Become of a subscriber to all my news & social media.
  • Suggested my name to Nature Clubs for presentations.
  • Brought collectors to my Studio who have purchased work.
  • Enthusiastically shared my website on all her social media platforms, and with those who collect art, without being intrusive.
  • Attended every show, presentation, and brought friends.
  • Asked her office to display original art with rental fee.
  • Continued to send words of encouragement, remarking on how the work brings her joy and uplifts her. 

You might assume she has collected the work, yet she has not purchased a painting. 

Not everyone has the budget, space, or desire to collect work, even if they love it. 

She is an amazing example of what a fan of the work can be.

Being a patron of a business, and community minded is also finding ways to share what you love. If you are restricted from purchasing because of budget, or if they carry a product you may not like, you may know someone who does. 

Media requests ‘support’ for small business are written with wonderful intention. This language can suggest a charitable act. Being a patron of a business isn’t charity work, its beneficial to consumer, who receives goods, and the business, who receives payment for those goods.

Your favourite restaurant has your patronage, and you enjoy their amazing homemade soup.

( Thanks Anchor CoffeeHouse! ) 

There are many ways to be a champion of business’s you love. You make a difference with your actions, Yes. You also make a difference with your words.

 We share what we love, because we love it, and know others will too.

This particular fan, like the generous calendar publisher, are now collectors of my work. My gift of originals were received with surprise. Unexpected, made the giving even sweeter. 

With gracious thank you to all of you who spread the word, collect the work, and share what you love. You unite us all by sharing and shine much light in the world. 

New, evolved “Light in the Valley” 24×30 original oil $ 2170.oo


A few years ago I had the pleasure of a private chat with an internationally known singer songwriter. She spoke of her definition of fan. She said “many call themselves fans when they hear your music on the radio. But a real fan is more than that, a real fan shows up. They buy tickets to shows and bring friends, they buy your Cd’s and share your music with their networks and friends.” ( currently, stream live shows, paying for virtual tickets).

She said,” I , in turn, show up too. I work hard, and I show up to do my best work. I show up for performances, and stay, signing ever single autograph no matter how long it takes. ….We both show up.”