Pink Clouds and Quality Sleep

Achieving quality sleep can be elusive to many of us. You may not think art, what you display, how you display it can inspire sleep, but it can.

I share elements to consider when creating a restful environment for quality sleep in my newest Instagram video.

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New work this week:

Pink Clouds ( feel the light and delight in pink clouds) 14×18 original oil $910.oo

and Winter Haven ( peaceful haven where chickadees gather) 8×10 original oil $500.oo

From my Parents private collection, rare early originals are available for purchase. These originals express exploration in drawing with charcoal & coloured charcoal. The Canadian Park painting exhibits realistic style transferring to canvas, and glimpse of discovery of colour. They range in size: All untitled, as they were always in my parents collection. My Mom had these framed immediately, and displayed them with pride in the family home.

( Elder) 1988 8×10 charcoal sketch framed $500.oo

( Portrait simple sketch study ) 1980’s In right in photo 16×20 framed $700.oo

( Lady portrait, detailed sketch) 1986 Centre in photo~ coloured charcoal framed 18×13 $1,030.oo

( Landscape)1995 original acrylic 16×20 $1,030.00


Thank you for your business & for your wonderful response & letters!

~ Please note: Feb 1 price increase will be in effect.