New Year

It’s fascinating to witness people speeding into 2023 with such exuberance. For some, it’s about putting last year ( perhaps last few?) behind them.

A new year on the calendar may represent new beginnings and letting go of the past. With global protocols evolving, it may signify reuniting with family and friends, returning to the gym, travelling, or wandering art galleries.

Winter Magic 18×24 original

New Year’s Resolutions abound with possibilities.  Goals are shared over networks, among friends, family and neighbours while shovelling snow. Or to anyone who will lend a listening ear. 

While I share and commend their enthusiasm, most of you know I have never made New Year’s resolutions. 

The simple reason? I believe each day is an opportunity for growth and renewal. With each sunrise arrives possibility, the ability to dream and plan for new beginnings, to evolve and reflect. In a way, I celebrate New Year’s every day.

Dec 29~ before sunrise

While some grasp the New Year with unbridled enthusiasm, if life allows, I like to spend the month enjoying restoration and routine.

I love the month of January, one of the quietest months of the year. It embodies winter, in delicacy and light. Snow brings welcomed muffled sound. The birds of spring have not yet arrived. Stillness of winter on the cusp of a new year is alluringly beautiful. 

December is commonly known as the month of peace, yet I find it’s January where peace unfolds. 

I am especially relishing these early quiet weeks in January. 

I do hope to continue to pursue art, when time allows. As a business that work is dependent on demand and sales.

This year begins with a brand new opportunity working for a new company. Perhaps as early as this month, I will be gardening & landscaping in two locations full time. 

I am so grateful to be starting 2023 with a 3rd job in work opportunities I enjoy! 

HAPPY NEW BEGINNINGS friends! thanks for following, and collecting the work.

May you be well, safe and happy. 


Please feel free to share posts, website/ instagram/ Linked In with those you may feel will enjoy, or collect original art. I encourage you to do this with any artists work you follow. It’s an easy free way to assist artists who continue to find challenges in these times. 

New work in progress