Instilling a sense of wonder can heighten every dimension of human experience, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The tremendous impact of this isn’t to be overlooked. 

“Researchers define awe as the feeling we get in the presence of something larger than ourselves that challenges our usual way of seeing the world. A great work of art, a breathtaking vista, a moving speech, the first flowers of spring—these can all evoke awe.” Juliana Breines PHD “Mindfulness”, March 2016.

Awe can decrease feelings of loneliness, increasing feelings of connectivity with others. It will lower blood pressure and inflammation, increase happiness, compassion and resilience. It will inspire curiosity, creativity, innovative thinking, and offer a sense of place in the world. Not only does awe lower stress, it’s stated it can” transcend our frame of reference.”

Experts state now more than ever, we need to ‘protect our sense of awe’ as we emerge from a global pandemic where much of humanity has been isolated. 

There is great importance to reacquaint with, recognize necessity of one another, and to our deep restorative connection to nature.

“One experimental group, when asked to draw pictures of themselves, literally drew themselves smaller in size after having an awe experience. Such an effect has been termed “unselfing”. This shift has big benefits: As you tap into something larger and your sense of self shrinks, so too do your mental chatter and your worries. At the same time, your desire to connect with and help others increases. People who experience awe also report higher levels of overall life satisfaction and well-being. 

It also helps us build relationships. Though feeling awe frequently happens in solitude ,it draws us out of ourselves and toward others and inspires pro-social behaviour like generosity and compassion

“As the pandemic era goes on, more than ever we need ways to refresh our energies, calm our anxieties, and nurse our well-being. The cultivation of experiences of awe can bring these benefits and has been attracting increased attention due to more rigorous research.

Not surprisingly, art and nature experience are at the top of most recommended lists of instilling wonder.

Cultivating daily awe is also a practice, with experience one can develop a sense of wonder in what may previously gone unnoticed.

"A popular practice known as an “awe walk” involves simply getting outside somewhere that nature surrounds you and being aware and appreciative of the beauty of our planet.
 Of course, awe-inspiring experiences come in all shapes and sizes—like beauty, awe is in the eye of the beholder. Works of art are often considered awe-inspiring, and for good reason. Art is a purposeful representation of emotions or stories, and being able to appreciate the intentions of the creator (or even your own interpretation of the work) can bring tingles to anyone’s spine.” Life Intelligence: awe and the overview effect what wonder can do for your well being.


All original paintings are available for purchase with the exception of the last image: Lake.

Sunrise ~ oil 18×24

Sunflower~ oil 5×7

Flowers~ oil 8×10

Boreal Shore ~ oil 8×10

Summer Retreat ~ oil 18×24

Family ~ 12×16 acrylic on board

Sky ~ 8×8

Lake ~ 5×7

Please be in touch if you would like to add wonder to your spaces with my original work. This month has been a very special time for me to create new work and enjoy the wonder of creativity. Next month I will be returning to three other jobs, with very limited time to paint.

With limited art available, if there are paintings that you wish to welcome to your spaces. I urge you to connect soon. Thank you for your continued interest!