Valued Time and Breathing Deeply

Returning to painting is like taking a long drink of fresh air and basking in the warm summer sun.

I am so grateful to recent collectors purchases which enable me to step to the easel for the moment. This allowance is precious, time is valued. I won’t waste a second.

Paintings that seem to have all the elements of a great composition, may sit undiscovered or passed by, making the studio feel a little like the land of misfit toys. 

Putting work put aside for lengths of time, then examining with a critical eye encourages growth. Regardless of whether I see room for improvement, without storage here, the work needs to be sorted.

It’s felt therapeutic to sand work down, cull, or infuse compositions. Sorting the collection is a wonderful way to start fresh in a new studio.

With winter weather arriving and my summer landscaping tools stored for the moment, I have had valued time to breathe deeply in the studio, testing both skill and vision.

My painting sea legs are returning with vigorous exuberance. The new work expresses energetic life affirming connectedness to nature. 

Working in landscaping daily,  living surrounded by pines, within sight and sound of a great lake infuses the artwork in a way, perhaps, like never before.

New work~

SKY~ 18×24 oil on board $1330.oo

WATERFALL~ 16×20 oil on canvas $1130.oo

MOON~ 8×10 oil on canvas

LAKE~ 12×24 oil on canvas ~ $1130.oo

New increased pricing in January! Please email to purchase