Influential Design

Interior design’s primary focus is functionality & aesthetics dictated by trend, products or fashion.
Great design can be so much more.

We spend 90% of our lives indoors.
Besides increasing quality time outside, we can orchestrate indoor surroundings for optimum wellness & productivity, based on specific needs and integrating nature.

Humans are incredibly influenced consciously, and unconsciously by environment.The power of influential design is remarkable.One industry that knows this very well is the field of advertising. Millions are allocated researching influencing elements of behaviour. ( ex: how we respond to colour, music, sound levels, shape, texture, scent, views, etc.)
We can use this information advantageously, applying it positively to dwellings, health facilities, educational venues, offices, industry, lobbies, clinics, and public spaces.

A healthy dwelling may involve using sustainable non toxic materials and applying wellness architecture. ( click here )
One step further, is to create influential indoor experience for positive behaviour, improved health, productivity, sleep, communication, engagement, nutrition, etc.
An interview with architect Barbara Stewart in Psychology of Interior Design describes these kind of design elements in depth. ( Its well worth the read. click here )
Stewart says it’s no surprise many people want wood floors, because they ‘replicate the forest floor.’
She mentions paying attention to how we will move in the space, “meander as thou on a path in nature’….’ if a zoologist designed human habitat, it would’ reinforce natural patterns and reduce stressors.”

Focus on personal needs and inspirations. Create a narrative within your dwellings. Apply tactile, texture, sound, colour, form, and comfort experiences. What activities will take place and who will visit the space?

• Humans are drawn to natural pattern & shape. Consider furnishings, their placement, and everyday items like dishes.
• Plants reduce air pollution and invite the outdoors in. We are meant to live among nature. Biophilic design and living walls are a growing industry,(!) applied to residential, commercial, even manufacturing venues.
• Make the most of natural light. Large windows and doorways beckon us outside.Skylights reduce the feeling of confinement.
• Passageways can be under-utilized. Relaxing colourful scenes ease transition from living room to bedroom. Brush past a basket of cozy blankets, while soothing scents and music fill the air.
• Nature art is the most recognized for health & wellness. It’s universal multigenerational appeal is cross cultural and biological. Nature views and imagery improve healing in patients, they use less pain medicine & sleep better. Nature art reduces anxiety in high stress corporate environments, and reduces mindless over-eating in controlled studies.

We can no longer take for granted what is placed within our spaces, displayed on walls and it’s ability to influence our decisions, work, rest, creative fire, fitness and health.

All New Work Available for sale, please contact me.

“Stand” or “Forest in Summer” 16×20 oil on canvas

“Evening Sun” 4ftx2ft oil on canvas

“Bronco” 16×20 acrylic and charcoal on canvas 600.00 CAD ~ sale proceeds to be donated.
Donation art :
I was born & raised in beloved Saskatchewan. In the province I consider home, my roots run very deep. Home can mean many things, for me it’s family, the parks I grew up in, rural neighbourhoods, vast open skies, abundant wilderness, wildlife and farming communities. For many generations, hockey and curling are embedded in community and families. My parents built their dream home about 40 minutes from Humbolt, where my Dad still lives.My cousin played for the Broncos for 4 years. The devastating news this week is beyond description. My heart goes out to the victims families and people affected by this terrible loss.
Entire sale proceeds of the new “Bronco” will be donated to the Humbolt Broncos.  To view more photos of the drawing & to see it in progress, please see my Instagram page. email me for details