Artist Mantra & Mission

“Thou shalt paint to please thyself.”
“Thou shalt be hard to please.” Robert Genn.

Beyond the fruition of hard work, style matures when an artist:
• Pushes their boundaries
• Listens to informed critics while censoring the others.
• Has an audience
• Experiments with tools, genres, mediums, methods, techniques.
• Insulates/ Isolates oneself to create.
• Purges bad habits & develops good ones. Recognizing which is which.
• Is a tough self critic.

Mastery of skill can be achieved but it may still fall flat to connect.
Balance of skill & audience connection can be as elusive as finding the space between thoughts.
Growth usually happens in such small increments it sneaks up & surprises you, rarely occurring in lightening bolt epiphanies.

Many great artists have a percentage of dissatisfaction in their work.
(Robert Bateman stated during a radio interview he doesn’t feel he has ever achieved a masterpiece.)
Like the professional athlete striving for a Personal Record, pro artists seek their own path of improvement.

Unlike athletes, for artists, it isn’t about efficiencies & speed, but about striving for quality and communication.
Listening to their self critic keeps the opportunity for growth alive.
Maintaining confidence, while checking ego at the door, opens the door to improvement.

About the New Work: Waterfall/ Algonquin 14×18, Wilderness at Sunrise 24×36 :Wandering in the wilderness,  rarely do we see each leaf, tree branch or sprig of moss underfoot, as it would be captured in a photo.
Mostly, we see a collection of shapes, merging colour, fleeting light, shadow play. Individually, we experience a collection of emotions. It may be curiosity, peace, thrill, joy. We are drawn to different elements, like that baby tree illuminated among older growth, with spring moss rolling beneath.

My work involves emotionally driven content in order to enhance this kind of experience & individuality.
I apply texture, earthy under painting, and ethereal light elements. The work is less detailed to reduce noise,creating restful places for your eyes & heart. Hoping it opens doors for your imagination, memories and emotions to take hold & ignite.
The goal isn’t to illustrate or to share personal story,it’s for you to find a home in the work. That, my friends, is the ultimate reward.

~ P.S “In order to create, artistic people need be alone. Isolation is key. If you have to be lonely in order to be free, learn how to tolerate a little bit of loneliness. It’s hard, but you are strong, you can do it.” James Taylor
Biography Master Class~ James Taylor~ see the inspiring episode here, its well worth watching from beginning to end.