Energy Potential

~Energy flows where attention goes.~

In the colourful beautiful animated film “Monsters Inc.”
(spoiler alert) Sulley and Mike discover love & laughter are the most powerful energy sources for fueling their city rather than a previous fear based method. The film portrays a wonderful image of collecting energy from positivity.

This image came to mind while watching a powerful demonstration how loving thoughts provide humans with superior strength in comparison to anger.
The demonstration was by an Oncologist, who’s work focuses on hypnosis (when applicable) instead of anesthesia for patients undergoing cancer treatment.
“Just like Mike & Sulley,” I thought, positive thought, laughter & love are measurable energy strengths.

Startling recent science suggests ‘thought energy’ affects humans on a cellular level.
“Some of the most powerful external signals that influence the health of our cells are the energetic messages which emanate from our thoughts.
Positive or negative, our thoughts have the ability to literally change our bodies and alter our physical health and well being.”

“A renaissance in cellular biology has recently revealed the molecular mechanisms by which thoughts and perceptions directly influence gene activity and cell behaviour.. Energy psychology, through its ability to rapidly identify and reprogram limiting misconceptions, represents the most powerful and effective process to enhance physical and emotional well being.” Bruce H. Lipton author of “Biology of Belief”.

Clients pose the energy question by referring to ‘mood.’
“Do you have to be in the right mood to paint?” or state “ Creativity energy must flow from you like water.”
Professional artists know how much energy it takes to create daily under pressure. Which is why a well known artist recently asked, “I follow your work, and have one question for you…“ are you exhausted all the time?” “Because,” he said, “I know what kind of effort it takes to put out the amount and calibre of work you do.”

Creative energy doesn’t ‘flow like water’ but learning what feeds it is part of the process. Thou Individuals handle this uniquely, as people vary on what sparks or tires us, some universal elements affect energy in artists and non artists alike.
As Mr. Lipton and his colleagues suggest, frame of mind and positive energy are huge factors in health, creative productivity & longevity.

Aside from being conscious of thought, energy generating habits focus on time outdoors in nature, exercise, sleep, mediation, nutrition and balance.
Expanding on this foundation is how I stay on track. Here are three additional tips below.

Tip#1. Know Thyself.
Be aware of what fuels you, what drains you. Focus on the former.
When dealing with difficult people or situations, structure your time for recovery and self care.Set boundaries.
Healthy habits sharpen your instincts. Tune in. Why are you tired? Is it time for a break or a hard run? Listen to your body & spirit.

Tip#2 Declutter and Restructure your space/ furnishings/.
One weight loss theory is to clean your closets.
“Stuff” literally mentally, emotionally, and physically can weigh us down.

How do you move in your spaces? We respond energetically to ‘stuff’ in our environments.
Think of yourself as a swimmer with smooth flow and rhythm in your stoke. Suddenly you encounter a wall, need to climb over the wall, get back in the water, swim, another wall, and over and over again you go.
A swim without barriers is more efficient with less energy spent. Plus it’s way more fun.
Cluttered furniture & items you constantly adjust around disrupts creative flow and energy. Pay thoughtful attention to organizing your dwellings. Have tools/ supplies readily available.
Plants, light, art, colour, scents, music, sound and free flowing spaces all fuel energy. ( The scent of peppermint increases energy for long distance runners wearing tiny vials during a run.)

Tip#3 Take stalk & channel energy. Everything in life requires energy, including creating, focusing on projects/ solutions or conversations that need to take place.
Reframe how you approach tasks & goals. Are the deadlines daunting or wonderfully challenging?
Are you nervous about the presentation, or excited? Do you have to go for a run, or do you get to go for a run?

Think of daily energy as sand in an hourglass. Recognize available amount daily and where you will spend it. How much time will you worry about things you cannot control, how much energy goes down the chute when you do? Electronics can be especially draining. What is sacrificed when you allot to unnecessary screen time on FB? Experts say head position gazing at phones/ tablets puts an extra 60 pounds of pressure on our neck. Imagine how much energy this costs and how it affects overall health. Additionally, for artists, screen time is wearing on eyesight and dexterity.
Be conscious of how you spend your time, apply what increases your positive fuel cell like those in Monsters Inc.
Shawn Anchor, author of “The Happiness Advantage” writes “It turns out that our brains are literally hardwired to perform at their best not when they are negative or even neutral, but when they are positive.”
“Because positive brains have a biological advantage over brains that are neutral or negative, The Happiness Advantage teaches us how to retrain our brains to capitalize on positivity and improve our productivity and performance.”

Perspective changes our energy. You are in the driver’s seat of possibility.
Further reading:
Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton
The Happiness Advantage Shawn Anchor
Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hansen

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