Energy Balance

 “The Force is not a power you have. It’s not about lifting rocks. It’s the energy between all things, a tension, a balance, that binds the universe together.That Force does not belong to the Jedi. To say that if the Jedi die, the light dies, is vanity.” Luke Skywalker to Rey~ Star Wars, the Last Jedi.

The energy between all things. 

Meditation is a little like this. Attempting to find the space between thoughts, quiet the mind, focus on breathing with life giving energy. 

It can be fleeting, that space, that place, and oh so elusive, but when it’s graces you, it’s pure, real and amazing.

Mediation may be one of the easiest and hardest activities to do, because quietening the mind, seeking peace, and surrendering to it, can be challenging. Like learning to swim.

Beginning swimmers learn to float on their backs first. Usually a parent or instructor stands in the water, arms outstretched beneath the beginner, encouraging them to relax, breathe, and trust.

Its another form of surrendering. Because its so powerful and challenging, you likely remember the first time you did this. It feels unnatural and scary. We want control, and yet in fear, we clench up, and .. sink.. or flail about. In trusting, relaxing and surrendering, it can be peaceful and freeing. 

with my cousin in the park.

In art, we apply skill, knowledge, problem solving, and observation to create. It is a dance of all of these elements, and at some point, there is a surrendering, recognizing we cannot control every element. We need to trust and seek the energy. That elusive space in-between.

Working in art daily ( amid life chaos & stress), One needs to often refresh creative, mental, physical, and spiritual energy. 

  • A few of my tips to achieve energy balance are:
  • Nourishment ( wellness, food, exercise, sleep)
  • Meditation ( and guided heart coherence meditation)
  • Walking in Nature ( any healthy activity in nature is great, but walking is grounding & can calm heart rate)
  • Mindfulness 
  • Setting boundaries with commitments
  • Reading 
  • yoga

and , for an easy renewing energy cleansing routine to start your day, try this short exercise, its one of my fav’s:

 He describes the movements and their purpose very well.

… and Friends, May the Force be with You. 


New Work!

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Autumn Woods 18×24 oil on canvas $1,210.oo

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