Ancient Beckoning

I began to crave nature. A soulful yearning for the quiet voice of the wind without urban interruption.
A desperate ache to hear rainfall on leaves & trickle in creeks running pure, birds greeting the day.

I longed for the invigorating scent of woods draped in morning dew, mingled with pine.
My feet desired soft moss underfoot, lungs to drink fresh air.
I needed to feel the heartbeat of the earth and breath of the sun.

I wondered, could I feel it in the paint? Could I return there, to the quiet hush, and feel nature’s breath?

and if I could… would other’s feel it too?


In art, nature communicates a connection requiring no language, nor explanation, and constructs no barriers.
It universally unites.
I hope you feel it too.

New Work:
Wilderness wander – 24×30 oil on canvas
Waterlily garden- 12×36