Why Nature?

“Landscape artists are a dime a dozen.Why work in the most competitive genre in the world?” an art dealer asked.

  •  Nature is always going to be relevant, and current.
  • It’s non- offensive and excludes no one. Nature art connects to diverse audiences of any age, demographic, religion, culture, & language.
  • It’s versatile &  suitable for every room. Residential, commercial, offices, lobbies, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, baby nurseries, hotels, restaurants, and schools and public venues all benefit from having nature art on the walls. (My clients share they also use the work as a meditation tool.)
  • Scenery/ Nature art is scientifically proven to have positive impact on wellness, promoting healing physically, mentally, emotionally. (Art of all genres improve academic/ problem solving skills in participants and viewers.)
  • Landscape art requires no guidebook, translation or title to emotionally connect the viewer.
  • Thou trends change, nature art continually appears in art auctions indicating it has longevity and may be a solid investment.
  • It’s home. I have explored many genres with pencil and brush, finding myself most at home in wilderness work. Raised in nature, I understand it’s primitive balm to our souls. Landscape art can be a powerful emotional connection to wilderness, our universal ‘home’. Why not provide this love to a global audience?

If the work is created sincerely, authentically, evolving skill & expertise it will connect to the viewer and find it’s audience, offering delight, healing and inspiration.

All this, from pigment & cloth.

Thou the most competitive genre, I’d say it’s worthwhile.


“Paint horses, they are more marketable, and try to stay away from green.” my Montreal dealer said.

“Focus on flowers, we sell a lot of those.” my Ottawa dealer chirped.

“Tuscan villages would sell, instead of this nature stuff. Villages are trending.” Exhibit attendees.