Water Wonders

“If you have grown up near a body of water, ( that ‘connection’) it never really leaves you.” My friend Joanie McGuffin said as we watched morning blossom over the lake recently.

Her truthful and poetic words, spoken in the beautiful way of Joanie, resonated with me. I was suddenly aware of this constant my entire life. I have been fortunate to reside by fresh and salt water lakes, mountain rivers, urban creeks, the pacific ocean, and now, as Joanie would said, the ‘big water’ of a great lake. 

I can hear the gentle lap on the shore from the farthest point on our property. In the house I have felt it’s thunderous waves during a storm. The palette, moods, colours and sounds change as frequently as the wind. 

The sky overhead and pine trees teem with life. This is a migratory path of butterflies, and birds of all kinds. 

It’s a blessing to witness and be a part of this nature hub every day.

All of earth’s inhabitants, including humanity’s survival depends on these wonderful ecosystems, clean air, great and small bodies of water, boreal forests and wild grass prairies. The majestic glaciers, mountains, valleys nourish our bodies and spirits. 

It’s a passion of mine to encourage others to venture outdoors and become acquainted with nature. 

I suggest being conscious of living with nature elements, to include nature within architectural & interior design. This isn’t just a personal pursuit, there is scientific evidence exhibiting the benefits of including nature within our interior spaces.

Nature focused art plays an active role in biophillia.

I could choose any subject matter to paint, and follow trends that excite and challenge viewers. 

In truth, nature is always there to excite, challenge, delight and nourish us. I feel a sense of responsibility in the art I choose to create, for both subject matter and audience. 

You may not live near a great body of water, but by including these views in your spaces, you may feel it’s essence.

You are invited feel the shore beneath your feet, hear gentle waves, morning birdsong and bathe in the peaceful beauty of it all. 

By creating emotional experience of being immersed in nature, I gently encourage people to establish and grow a healthy, connected relationship with the great outdoors.


New Dawn 5ftx 3.3 ft $6,500.00 ( 2021 pricing)

Serenity ( Ocean) 16×20 $1,150.00

email dawn@dawnbanning.com asap to purchase. please feel free to share the wok, posts and my social media pages with others.