“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein.

In the romantic comedy “French Kiss” Meg Ryan’s character is instructed to visualize her happy place to overcome her fear of flying. Breathing deeply she brings to mind an image of a lovely little stone garden cottage.

At the end of the movie( spoiler alert!) she discovers a new dwelling, which just happens to be a stone cottage in a beautiful valley vineyard.

The 1995 film isn’t about manifesting reality, rather turning the idea of destiny on its head. The film was created long before Rhonda Byrne’s best selling book “The Secret” that induced mass popularity of ‘the law of attraction’ was published. Yet, in an indirect way, that’s exactly what Meg Ryan’s character did. 

Visualization techniques are successfully applied in sport, weight loss, business, goal setting, even medical science. ( click on highlighted words for further reading in each category.) 

My brilliant physiotherapist friend discusses her training with me. She says “We thought patient activity during treatment was fairly passive. We would treat, manipulate, etc, send them home with exercises. We are discovering a key to success is for the patient to create a mind body connection. By having them visualize correct body movements during treatment, or specifying where the body needs to be active, we see immediate different in body function, sometimes, with no or very little manipulation from us. It’s remarkable.”  

She says her biggest challenge in this method is many people don’t know how to visualize. We discuss props, visual aids etc to assist patients.

It isn’t necessary to be an artist to learn and perfect this skill.The act of visualization is a form of directed energy. We can use this tool in a variety of positive ways individually and collectively. 

Jack Canfield shares a step by step process how to visualize desired outcomes. Thou his ‘mental rehearsal’ technique is a little abstract for me, the article delves into benefits of visualization, and further easy practical advice. 

A weight loss study by researcher Dr. Linda Solbrig from the School of Psychology showed significant weight loss without dietary advice using Functional Imagery Training. “Overweight people who used a new motivational intervention called Functional Imagery Training (FIT) lost an average of five times more weight than those using talking therapy alone.

In addition, users of FIT lost 1.6 more inches (4.3cm) around their waist circumference in six months – and continued to lose weight after the intervention had finished…The study showed how – after six months – people who used the FIT intervention lost an average of 9 pounds (4.11kg), compared with an average of 1.6 pounds (0.74kg) among the MI group…..

“It’s fantastic that people lost significantly more weight on this intervention, as, unlike most studies, it provided no diet/physical activity advice or education. People were completely free in their choices and supported in what they wanted to do, not what a regimen prescribed,” said Dr. Linda Solbrig…”

As well as sport, business, innovation, and health, visualization can be used effectively in communication. Picture a challenging conversation with a positive outcome. See the other party and yourself smiling. Focus on specific positive words that apply to the situation before your meeting like ‘cohesive, inspired, adaptable, success, integrity, authentic, collaborate, connectedness, happiness,” etc.

“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there.” Richard Bach

Whatever category visualization is directed there are common ‘how-to’ similarities:

1. Details: think up as many details are you can, be very specific on the outcome. Props like vision boards, collages, text magnets on fridge, etc can be very helpful. 

2. Bring in all your senses, how you feel, smell, see, hear, the environment surrounding your event/ outcome. 

3. Believe. Believe as thou it has already happened: picture yourself doing the activity, in the new job, completing the project, having lost the weight, on the vacation, etc.

4. Practice DAILY. This is key and where many fail to recognize the importance. Visualization practice is like a muscle you continually build and train. 

~New Years eve often brings a host of resolutions and visions of future possibilities. People may visualize how this new lifestyle/ goal will make them feel and perhaps see success in their minds. Once the plan is in place, Jan 2 arrives and they never visit the concept in their minds again. 

While getting in your workouts, visit the brain gym too.🙂


~“Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” Oprah Winfrey.

“Your thoughts create reality. The most pragmatic way to create world peace is to use your power of visualization. Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace, Imagine Peace. Your thoughts will soon cover the planet. The most important thing is to believe in your power. It works.” Yoko Ono.

P.S ~  Visualization is handy in painting, thou perhaps not in the way you may think. Visualizing the exact outcome of a painting can inhibit creativity and stall brushstrokes. Instead, mindfulness in the midst of subject matter helps mentally & emotionally ‘transport’ to the scene later on in the studio. Impressionism is about capturing experience of feeling. Ability to bring that energy to canvas & palette boosts success. 

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