The New Year

Happy New YEAR!

How are you doing? What’s new? 

Are you speeding headlong into this New Year with plans, projects and a heart full of promise? Or are you easing gently into the year with thoughts of reflection?

Perhaps you’re practicing stillness, which also requires a sense of commitment and courage.

I am all of the above, with exciting creative projects in the works, patience practice, stillness, and gratitude.

Not one to make resolutions, I believe every day holds promise of beginnings and growth.  Yet this month does mark special new beginnings and a return to activities I love, while my eyes continue to heal from eye surgery. It’s incredible to observe the world, with new eyes. It will be baby steps as I go, and I’m pleased to share this new creative journey with you.

Newly completed  “Moonlight” Study an 8×10 in oil, is the first painting I have created without visual aid.

This first piece has personal significance. The vista is the view from my parents home, with the pine trees they planted towering above the lake. I remember the evening so well, standing on the surrounding deck, drinking in the quiet whisper of dusk. 

I have been reading books on mystical fairies, grand forests, and science books about trees. I am fairly certain these have influenced this new painting in progress. It is a large painting I had temporarily set down sideways and discovered something new. It’s exciting to be tackling this vision come to life. 

If this is the year you infuse your home with handmade vibrant, life affirming art, please let me know if I can help. I have a great stock of inventory available for purchase in several sizes. 

Even if you aren’t into collecting original work, or collecting right now, please still drop me a line, let me know you are, and what’s new for you in 2022.

In gratitude, d