The Art Event

Unlike high def  TV or photography, we don’t see our surroundings in sharp detail at all times. 

Direct field of vision focuses on where attention is necessary and what captures interest, preventing information overload.

External stimuli is constantly changing with light, weather, sound, etc. Eyesight ability, perception of colour, shape, contrast, light, colour, and experience all play a part in how we interpret our environment. 

Perceptions of surroundings form while censoring information that isn’t necessary. 

This is why I feel painting can mimic the feeling of being immersed in a scene that is unique from photography.

This kind of experience can be created by applying soft edges and clear focal points. Impasto ( directional & thick)  brushstrokes offer a sense of movement. Blurred negative spaces give the eye an opportunity to rest.  Artists can diffuse the ‘noise of a scene’, giving the viewer space to be absorbed, feeling as thou they are participating and moving within the landscape.

Art becomes an event. 

A photo may capture a “still” moment in time. A painting may reach for time in “transition.” A fleeting sense of light and evolution can be expressed in 3 dimension with paint layering. “Good art” doesn’t necessarily mimic photography. Good art offers experience.

Even hyper realist painters purposefully direct the viewer, and include areas for the eyes to rest. 

 Viewing an original painting in different light, times of day, it will evolve, and change before your eyes. This is where it separates itself from flat prints lacking dimension. Without the boundary of reflective glass, it can be displayed where it will capture and express light.

Safely viewing original art in person, whether it be in museums, galleries or art studios, instead of asking what it looks like, observe where it leads you, and how you feel. 

“Good art is not what it looks like, but what it does to us.”Roy Adzak

“My art’s more than art imitating life, it’s art mirroring life.” Robin Antar

P. S.

The SKY painting has created alot of buzz on social media recently. A late afternoon summer day, the time of day created darker shadows in the sky, surprisingly, no rain. The work invites you to explore light, transparency and direction. You can watch the light change within the painting in your space, as you see in the photo. It will evolve from brilliant, to dusk, to a moonlit feel. It was super challenging to paint. I wanted to include the geometric feel in composition. Triangular shapes balance the strong central focal. It is painted in a more realistic design to balance the singular composition. Trees at the bottom are meant only to provide you a sense of where you are in the space and offer a sense of grounding. There is plenty of texture, so it isn’t at true departure of my usual work. I don’t consider myself a ‘style’ painter, rather I adjust what the scene calls for. In this instance it required fine balance of softness and strength. 3 ft x 4 ft original oil $4,780.oo

Two more paintings gathering great response recently on social media are:

“Rising Sun” ( Canoe)  16×20 $1,130.oo

And “ Mist” 30×40 $3,200.oo   Both paintings invite the viewer to participate in the landscape in unique ways, boldly and softly, all are welcome.