Sparking Joy

Cherish the things you love, and you cherish yourself” Marie Kondo

Everything he owned had to fit in his 1982 honda civic hatchback. A self imposed rule.

My brother has been a minimalist before it was trendy. 

Maintaining the lifestyle thru his career, he pared down possessions even more before working overseas for 3 years, choosing to store a handful of precious items like special papers, photos, musical instruments at our parents home.

Returning from China 6 years ago, Mom called shortly after he had arrived. “Of all the things he had stored, which do you think he missed the most? what do think he first opened?” I suggested music, photos, books?

She replied. “The first thing he had to see was your art from his collection. He unwrapped them with such joy, oh, Dawn, the gentle care he took with your paintings.”

With encouragement last December, Mr. Shurniak shared the story of collecting his amazing body of art for decades.  He stored much of his collection while working overseas, purchasing art where he traveled. Eventually returning to the province of his birth, he built a gallery to house his collection. 

My cousin Susan wisely commented, “It must have felt quite emotional, to unwrap them and have them together, all here.” He responded with tears in his eyes, “It was like finally bringing all of my family home.”

Art collections do more than decorate our space, they become intertwined with our lives. Beacons of familiarity. While life can be transient and fluid, art remains a constant for generations.

Lately, several clients are on the move. Relocating for work, retiring, off to new homes and adventures. It’s such a privilege to hear how your art travels with you, the comfort it brings. A part of your home & family wherever you go.

Some are enthusiastically in the throes of paring down, embracing Marie Kondo lessons. Each one of you have mentioned the thrill of purging and embracing a similar lifestyle, yet, not only keeping your art collections intact, but adding to them, infusing your lives with colour and light. 

Conscious consumerism, mindfully collecting that which you love is a reflection of self care. Surrounding yourself with healthy inspiring environments not only improves energy, quality of life and engagement, it reflects on your work, relationships and those you invite to your spaces.

Purging what no longer serves you can be empowering and cleansing, whether it be clothing, toxic relationships, occupations or guilt. Renewal comes with organized spaces, clutter free minds, positive perspective and open hearts. 

I haven’t read Marie’s book, or seen her popular videos, but I do agree with her philosophy, keeping close that which sparks JOY.

When joyful, we create a ripple effect, spreading happiness to the world.

~“People cannot change their habits without first changing their thinking.” Marie Kondo

New Work!  “Red Canoe Awaits” 18×36 oil on canvas $2000.oo ( two photos)

Sundance  “5ft x 3.3” ft oil on canvas  $5,940.oo ( shown with Marc Banning handcrafted chair).

First & Second photos- my brother with my gift painting of his birthplace. Mr.Shurniak & I Dec. 2018.