Silver Lining

When my dealer contacted me in January to dissolve our working relationship, it wasn’t from ill will. He hadn’t sold a painting since last March. It’s a business decision I completely understand. A career in this industry is created with a lot of hard work. I know the challenge dealers face, because I face the same ones every day. In order to make it work, it’s been necessary for me to create, promote, and sell the work on my own, aside from any assistance from galleries.

These are unique times, many artists are finding themselves now flying solo without representation and lack of clients. With some galleries closing, and studio visitors prohibited due to health code, artists are faced with challenging times.

Creating quality work and being innovative can help influence success. Establishing more pronounced online presence, is perhaps, the only way to reach, communicate and transact with our clients in these times.

The silver lining resides in this learning curve and exploring new opportunities. It’s encouraged artists to collaborate, to have necessary dialogue on how to move forward in an ever changing landscape on how we do business. 

For me, desire has always been to move forward with a critical eye at my work, committing to serve clients, evolve the work and the way I promote. While evolution can be challenging, promotion can be painful. Art is deeply personal endeavour, it can feel not only uncomfortable to self promote, but challenging to do so in a way that feels and is authentic.

In my career I have been fortunate to have met and engaged with many of you. I have sourced opportunities from exhibiting and selling at galleries across Canada, to painting murals on spa walls, shipping containers and creating original landscapes for a private golf club. I have displayed work in cafes, libraries, and attended art fairs, and had the trip of a lifetime on the boreal expedition. 

The work has been acquired into some of the most prestigious collections in the world, including the Shurniak collection, where it resides alongside originals of the the ironic greats, the Group of Seven,  Alan C. Collier, Nicholas de Grandmaison, James Henderson, Doris McCarthy, Franklin Arbuckle, Robert Genn, Jeannette Perreault, Goodridge Roberts, Ross Penhall, Allen Sapp, Arthur Schilling and International work by Bernard Cathelin (France), Jacob Esselens (Holland), Phillipe Ancellin (France), Carlos Nadal (Spain), Archie Forrest (Scotland), Athos Faccincani (Italy).

I have supported great causes with the work, donating my art to youth hostels, hospitals, conservation fundraising, music festivals, and worked with some of the best art dealers and architects in the country. 

Health clinic clients send word of the positive experience the art creates for their patients and staff. 

To help assist people with their personal creative pursuits, I wrote and published an ebook. It’s available for free on my website. 

This blog is in response to your requests for narrative, to answer your questions, provide glimpses of the industry, and life parallels tied with the common thread. 

It’s been an absolute joy to have this communication with you over the years. In your request to ‘get to know the artist’ we have gotten to know each other. My commitments remained as the first day, for the posts to be available for free, and advertising free. I hope it’s served it’s purpose, unveiling work, educating, and creating conversation. 

Focused on how to be of service in new ways this past year, I have devoted creative juice to both painting and writing. A book has emerged. It’s filled with inspiring stories and tips on how to manifest your inspiration, applying it to your ambitions in life, whatever they may be. The book has just completed the editing stage, awaiting publishing exploration.

I am not sure what is next, how/ if I continue a career journey with paint and canvas. 

This new painting is the last canvas I have available in stock.( aside from one private project) I had so many ideas for it, it was difficult to decide. Striving to learn with each piece I create, I chose a challenging composition in a unique vertical format. Subject matter feels appropriate, “Cloud with a Silver Lining.” 

Thanks for listening, and to those of you who have continued to invite art into your lives. Sending you all healthy happy wishes. Always.

in gratitude, d.

See website gallery link for all available work for purchase and feel free to contact me anytime. All work shown is available for purchase.

“Water” 22×28 original oil on canvas $1,800.oo

“Sky” 3 ft x 4ft original oil on canvas $4,780.oo

“Cloud with Silver Lining” 12×24 original oil on canvas $1,100.oo