Showing Up

Do you ever give yourself a break for showing up? For being present, in whatever that is or may be for you right  now?

Media says it’s been a great time to be creative. When the world ‘stopped’ the creatives got busy. With a love of isolation and without distraction, this would be the perfect storm for them. Musicians, actors, writers, painters, creatives of all genres would be busy bees in their studios while the storm passed overhead. 

The thing is, no one avoided the storm.

I have spoken to creatives that haven’t worked in over two years. Some are under so much pressure, when a project doesn’t pan out,  a normal part of process, it is felt as much more.  There is so much riding on what work is available. The struggle is real, and it’s felt. 

It’s my belief, that sometimes you need to give yourself credit for showing up. Maybe today’s work ended in the trash and the client didn’t call back, but you were present, and open. You showed up. Growth can require struggle, failure and fear. Showing up is courageous. 

Years ago a client pointed to a stack of canvas in the corner of my studio. “What ones are those?” He asked. ‘Duds” I said. “ Duds? I thought you were a professional. You should know what you are doing by now.”

I responded. “That’s how I know they are duds.”

In an art business course, artists were encouraged to create a daily mantra to help stay grounded and focused on their intention.

It’s been a very long time since I wrote this, but I still find it’s relevant. I wanted to make it simple, fun, and inclusive of daily joys.

Whatever you do, and where-ever you are, perhaps you feel like composing your own.

It’s my hope you also discover a way to thank yourself for showing up. 

Meditation is the foundation

Go for a run and get things done

Work with intention for ascension

Declutter make hearts happily aflutter

Organize to conceptualize 

Find some play for today

Be kind and be aligned 

Bike for life

Nutrition for fruition

Nature is nurture

Restore to do more

Love first, last, always.

PS. Not long out of school, while attending a friend’s wedding shower, I was introduced to an interesting diverse couple, long married with a lovely family. They had unique challenging careers and had lived on several continents. I asked them what their secret was for such a happy marriage. I never forgot the gentleman’s response. “Show up. Show up every day, no matter what the day brings. Just show up.” 


NEW work- Though One very large painting is off to the trash this week, I am very pleased with these two new paintings!!

Winter Whisper 11×14 $770.oo

Summer Forest Trail 16×20 $1,330.oo