A thought struck after studio visitors voiced familiar questions. I had a few of my own.

Are you curious about inspired subject matter, or why I create?

Thou I struggle with these kind of self involved posts, I will take a reprieve from my usual story telling post narrative & answer your pressing questions and share factors that may make my work unique.

Subject matter: People, wildlife, dogs, houses and children’s murals have been explored by my pencil and brush, thou I am utterly compelled to paint the natural world.

It’s human connection to nature I seek. When asked why I don’t put people in the paintings, my answer remains,

”I do. I put you there.”

I feel very fortunate to have lived or traveled beautiful locations in this country and beyond. Growing up, Dad’s work as a conservation officer led us to residing in several Provincial Parks, offering a wonderful opportunity to experience diverse wilderness.

This leads to three key strengths to paint location variety.

One: Adaptability.

Two: Appreciation of diverse regions.

Three: Creativity is not my top strength. It’s 4th.(discovered thru testing) First is Emotional Intelligence, next Empathy.

I can emotionally connect, and have varied wilderness experience.

Where are the paintings from? Sometimes, but not always site specific, I paint from photos, or plein air when available. The focus is to infuse the work with emotional connection, rather than illustrate.

Why Impressionism? Because my work is emotionally driven, impressionism suits it well. Every style has its challenges. I have dabbled in technically difficult realism. Impressionism is challenging in thought process. Compare impressionism to sharing a story in 5 words or less. Word choice needs to be important, well thought out and impactful.

My goal in the work is to develop highly emotional content that’s masterful in brushstroke & palette, and ultimately connects with you.


Note: An example of how the work isn’t necessarily site representative, is the SOLD Algonquin painting below with Kyra’s photo.

p.s Another common question “Is art your job?”: Yes. I make my living entirely on the sale of my artwork. No sponsorships, grants, etc.

It’s been an incredible journey that finally led to self employment. I thank you for helping make art possible by collecting and sharing the work.

Please feel free to make an appointment to visit the studio, or pop into the Hambleton Gallery in Kelowna, we would love to see you! Thank you for your collection of the work, and informative, supportive, inquisitive letters! J

New work available for purchase: Shown above in varied light. 

Forest  Nook 14×18 Oil on canvas

Sky over lake 12×24 oil on canvas ~ on the easel, it will rest before I decide if it’s done. Posting it is a way to not overwork the piece.

Special thanks for photo references to  Julia Hargreaves.