Postcard Collection

It’s more than a little ironic, and sort of funny, the very first time I offer you direction and story with a new collection some of you cannot hear or see me. Yikes.

My unbridled enthusiasm for this new collection is still present, just a little quieter! It is, however critical for you to have perspective in this new collection, to hear the narrative explanation.

The tech people tell me the reason you may have not had sound on the previous post video, or had trouble opening it, is partly due to the device you were watching it on.

The only way for me to avoid this issue, is either, I direct you to my Instagram or Linked in pages where the video opens and sounds fine , or resort to you tube, which I was trying to avoid.

So, you tube it is..

I will write the narrative here in case you still have issues.

“Welcome to the studio, thank you for checking in. Happy New Year!

Thank you for messaging, following the work, remember this is my full time gig, so if you love the work,

I would love to help you with your collection. Please share the work and my information with anyone you know that loves and collects art.

Most of you that follow me know that I have two big missions the work.

  1. To encourage you to explore nature in real life, to be outdoors and immerse in nature. I think the more we engage with natural spaces, we become a healthier humanity.
  2. To bring this concept to you through art, to immerse in nature imagery (with the emotional connection if nature) to your interior spaces. To surround yourself with nature imagery in your spaces brings great positive benefits.

These two concepts are what has partly driven this new collection. I was thinking to myself about how to start that conversation. How to communicate the enjoyment of being in the natural outdoors, and inviting you to this kind of experience.

I started thinking about postcards as a tool of communication.
Postcards originated as gestures of appreciation.

I love this idea! A sign of appreciation to the recipients and of these places. They were art form..actual paintings and drawings on cardstock, sent to loved ones. In the 1970’s, women, being rejected by art galleries because of their gender, mass produced their art on postcards to give their art exposure.

There are so many unique thoughts around postcards.

I love that they are a gesture of welcoming to a place, an invitation, and also a celebration of a place.

I am also inviting you to enjoy art in this way. “

The first in this collection is 18×24 oil on canvas

Next is 16×20 oil on canvas.

please let me know your thoughts, and I hope these paintings bring you joy!