Happy Business

I am in the business of making people happy. 

It’s a good business. Rewarding, purposeful, and humbling. It’s always teaching me. As the work continues to evolve, so do I. 

Since I can remember, forests have felt like family, lakes soothe, mountains beckon, and immersive skies connect me to what I cannot see.

Alone in nature, I feel a sense of oneness, surrounded by powerful love. Energizing and comforting all at the same time. It’s this sense I work to convey in the art. 

Nature focused art has a unique ability to connect humanity to nature and each other. 

This feeling of shared experience combined with the transformative power of viewing nature is tremendously positive. 

Researchers say viewing images of nature can elicit some of the same benefits as being in nature, including increased immunity, reduced blood pressure, decreased loneliness, increase cognitive ability, communication skills, among a host of other benefits.

Fostering a relationship with nature is also a positive step helping to understand and aid our planet’s health.

Being in the business of making people happy, it’s easy to forget the business part. 

Some days I would like to.

 It’s a lovely dream to have endless supplies, paint prolifically, and magically, the art finds their forever homes without having sleepless nights about where or how to sell it. 

An engineer brought her little girl with an ambition to be an artist, to my studio one day.

In our conversation, she asked about my daily work. I explained part of the day is set aside for painting, the other part, for business.

“What kind of business?” She asked. “Art business.” I responded.

“Whatever do you mean?” She asked.

“Sending updates to clients and my media, sourcing new venues and dealers to sell the work, contact existing dealers, ship work to galleries, etc.”

“I had no idea there was a business side to it. I never thought of it.” She said. “I just thought you painted.. .. and people just.. found you.”

So this is me, waiting for you to find me.

In the meantime, I am knocking on doors, with recent positive conversations with reputable dealers to represent and sell the work. Fingers and toes crossed. 

Perhaps, I will return to the studio full time, make my living doing what I love with purpose..and realize the dream of painting with endless supplies and no worries, while the paintings find their forever homes making people happy. 


“Ultimately, you don’t want to paint to decorate storage rooms.” Dealer. 

All New work below range between 8×10 and 11×14 in size. Please email to purchase. Dawn@dawnbanning.com