Living Skies

We can never be bored if we just look up. 

The skies above hold so much vast and varied beauty. A continual moving display of fleeting light, drama. 

Atmosphere changes sound, like on this day of early morning overcast skies, with sunrise on the horizon. Softening noise, it adds peacefulness to a day in a way that I love. Snowfall can immediately do this, too. I remember early mornings living on the prairies, knowing the moment I woke up if it had snowed overnight, just from the sound. You could feel it. 

Appreciation of the sky may come from being born in the Land of the Living Skies. When you grow up in nature, the sky can be understood as ultimate nourishment offering of necessary light and water. 

It will never fail to delight and beckon me.

It’s a tremendous challenge to paint light, and set the tone of atmosphere. On this particular day, there was no storm, nor rain. Waiting for my cycling friends, I sat on my bike and watched the sunrise on the horizon as the sun broke thru the overcast skies.Those layers of clouds and light are fascinating in how quickly they change, and how much can be felt in those moments. It’s hopeful, and surprising. 

The day is unveiled to us in moments. 

The next new painting released today is a study in contrast and light. This painting is filled with positive symbolism, I will leave you to draw your own conclusions. 

What drew me in this scene was the beautiful afternoon light reflected in the farm buildings paired with what could be considered stark contrasts in the land. The promise of spring hint in the nutrient rich soil, and bit of snow lay softly on the earth. 

The unified farm buildings stand surrounded by lovely forest. The sky, so brilliant blue is a bold majority of the painting. 

The daisy painting is complete this week too!

I would love to hear all your comments on the new work. Please feel free to email me, or email to purchase.

I don’t have much storage space where I am living now, I may have to rein in my creative productivity, while waiting for the work to sell.


New“Sunrise on the Horizon” 18 x 24 original oil $1,330.oo

Farm and Blue Sky” 11x 14 original oil $770.oo

Daisies 16×20 original acrylic and oil.