Art Experience

Our relationship with art changes the very moment we stop thinking of it as something to fill walls.

Instead, art is a powerful element to fulfill lives.

This sparks an understanding just how much our environment reflects quality of life.  It is a direct energy exchange nourishing us like farm to table meals, exercise, laughter, and warm hugs.

Truly remarkable results of exposure to artwork includes random acts of kindness, wounds healing faster, influencing our diets, increase of endurance and problem solving skills.

Nature art offers the most positive health influence. Why? We are hardwired to react positively to nature.

Witnessing beautiful views not only gives pleasure, it increases our immunity.

Art experience, is an engagement that goes much deeper than we may think.  

From Visual Thinking Strategies:

“We also found that given certain key elements in the design of aesthetic encounters, growth in critical and creative thinking accompanied growth in aesthetic thought. In other words, in the process of looking at and talking about art, the viewer is developing skills not ordinarily associated with art. These findings were consistent over a wide range of cultural and socioeconomic contexts.”

Do you buy dishes to fill your cupboards? furniture to fill rooms?

We collect dishes that bring joy, fit hands perfectly, cradle nourishment, in shapes and colours that delight. Furnishings may be trendy, but ultimately, we hope to be held in comfort and in health. 

Art is for humanity.  The walls don’t care. 

This creates a fresh perspective on building and budgeting your collection. What do you choose to engage with? 

Think of those who live in, work in, visit your home, office, clinic, lobby? What environment do you create for inspiration, productivity, quality conversation, soothing relaxation? 

Investments chosen with awareness become an investment in you, celebrating individuality, joy and intention to enrich your life. 

Allow art’s influence to serve you. How will you choose to enrich your life?

~ Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life. rachel carson

New OCEAN~ 4ft x 3ft oil $4,345.oo ( price due to increase).