Sharing Inspiration

 I have never really understood envy.

I believe, jealousy of and wanting someone else’s life, is also to take on their suffering. Everyone has suffering. 

So you exchange your suffering for theirs.. and theirs can be much much greater. 

In my work and life experience,I have encountered diverse people from unique backgrounds, countries, cultures. I have met people of great wealth, and poverty. Both can be a burden. I know people of breath taking beauty, athleticism, and power. All have been misunderstood, judged unfairly and known disappointment and grief.

One artist who influenced me the most in my artistic path, is one of the greatest, most skilled painters I have ever met. A handsome man, with a career as a professional athlete, he is also an accomplished musician, who played with a famous Canadian band, before he focused on art. 

You might say he had it all. 

But what people may see on the outside, is only a small part of his story and his path. One that most people will never know.

He gave up his dream of being a teacher, quitting university, to take care of his dying mother. He worked two jobs to provide for them both while he cared for all her needs. He gave up his music career around the same time in a selfless act.

He lives life facing constant ignorant discrimination. Witnessing this kind of cruel treatment of him, over and over again, broke my heart. Yet, he never reacted in anger or in defence. He always chose to react in kindness.

Inspiration can come in many forms, as his inspiration does for me.

On the flip side of jealousy, choosing to rejoice in others success’s can fuel inspiration. 

Recognizing it is a choice can be pivotal. It can also be cathartic for your own happiness & success

Some theorists believe what is good for one, is good for the tribe. When one succeeds, we all benefit in some way. Like love, the more we offer it, express, show it, sincerely, the more it seems to float all around us in different ways. 

Others success proves it’s possible, and opens doors for us to make it possible too. 

That’s one important key in inspiration, possibility. 

I encourage people to share their success. Why is it we can be quick to share hard news, vent frustrations, yet be reluctant to share the happy stuff? 

Happy news is hopeful.

Some are silent about sharing success, feeling its a form of bragging. 

When it’s sincere sharing, how could it be? The more good stuff we share, the more we create, and it helps ease the hard stuff.

Please, let your good news ring out from the rooftops.

When you have nailed that painting, run, project, I’m rejoicing with you. When you have been accepted at the gallery, a new grandbaby, won the race, sold your business for a huge profit, met your love, built your dream, I get sparkly happy juices running right thru me and celebrate your awesomeness.

Letting others know how you are doing, that’s real life, and every story can transpire inspiration. A burden shared is a burden is lessened. Sharing happy stuff can relieve that burden too. It takes gratitude, belief, hope for your own journey, and perhaps for some, releasing self destructive, pointless jealousy.

Let’s ride that wave of joy together, and make the world a better, happier, more inspiring place. 


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