Be Curious

More than natural artistic sense, creatives tend to possess a state of open minded curiosity.

2012 . Handcrafted music stand by Marc Banning for my musician nephew Nico.

The key is to explore enthusiastically without judgement. Not to conquer, ( a subject etc) but to understand. To see diverse possibilities evolve and grow. 

Imagine if we applied this thoughtful approach with humanity and world issues?

The need to conquer often comes from a place of fear. Fear of the unknown and failure. This prohibits growth, spurring desired finalities with expectations based on previous outcomes.

Specific expectations can blind us to pathways yet explored.

Creative knowledge teaches outcome isn’t singular, but multitude and fluid. We are in a constant state of learning.

I may paint the sky daily, because each sky is unique daily, I am a beginner each day. Forever a student. 

new sky 8×8 oil on canvas

Templates and formulas can cause stagnation, because we stop discovering.

New flax field 8×10 oil in progress

Original art is unique, one of a kind, like a sunset, person, or snowflake.

This creative journey, timeless and transporting, is happening on the canvas right before you, emotional connection, problem solving, revelation. It’s like we can step into the canvas, be in that moment, a part of living history, whether it’s a painting created yesterday or hundreds of years ago.  As if Van Gogh is standing beside us gazing upon vibrant olive gardens. Wow.

When creating, Artists wade uncertainty in a state of relaxed curiosity.

Plein air study

Instead of “what am I going to achieve and make?” The approach is more of a conduit state, “what will I witness, pick up on, sense, feel?”

They will purposefully linger in a state of unknown, witnessing and observing. It’s this suspended time that can be so challenging to many. 

It requires patience, a surrendering and confidence.

In order to explore a subject the artist needs to extinguish all previous conceptions of it.

An approach for each other and innovative thinking?

Welcoming a creative state of mind is a joyful and transferable skill. Practice patience, observation, compassion, open mindedness, seeing the world and those around you anew with abundant curiosity. 

It’s a bright new world every day. You are interwoven within its beauty and possibility.

Original artwork available ! ~ Please email me to purchase