Arena of Possibility

Invest in your potential’ is a powerful call to action. 

While envisioning possibility is part of the equation, recognizing your controlling ability puts dreams into motion.

It makes them tangible. 

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Author Jen Sincero relates her statement to professional development, and, like many business advisors, she says changing or ’upgrading’ your environment has a direct influence on your growth.

You already have a lot going for you. 

Nearly every experience, job, interaction, has been an opportunity for growth. Even the tough ones.

Whether it be as monumental as coping with great loss, illness, business failure, challenging circumstance & people or simply figuring out how to fix your own plumbing.

 If you haven’t recognized your achiever or hero within yet, know it exists. Look in your past when you shone in the face of adversity. 

Everyone has potential, every single person has the right to be in the arena of possibility.

Bruce Springsteen says “I am just a boy from new jersey” during his broadway play. Thou he recognized the ‘fire in his belly’ to be a successful musician at a young age, he quit guitar lessons after two weeks, because it “was too hard’.

Stories of success in career, health, fitness, creativity, innovation, are littered with stages of quitting, changing direction, challenging peaks and valleys. 

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Achievers know there isn’t an absolute end game. Success is fluid. Growth is a continuous lifestyle path.

They embrace change, new ideas, persist, reframe failure as a stepping stone, not cement boots. 

Mostly, they believe. 

Deep down they know they are worthy, with great potential, regardless of age or circumstance. 

Lucky breaks do not fall in their lap, they create their own. They build support systems, gather knowledge & teams who support the dream.

Achievements hard won have longevity. The strength & resilience you build is transferable to other aspects in your life. 

Accepting that it will not be easy, there may be times you will want to give up, or feel grouchy about the whole deal is, in itself, freeing. Because when they happen you aren’t surprised, and you can get on with it.

Whatever mountains you face, know you are not alone, you have potential and can equip yourself with the tools to make your dreams reality. 

 4 Investment Potential keys :

1) Believe. Live & breathe awareness that you embody potential. 

2) Invest in knowledge. Research others success’s in varying fields. Dreams don’t happen overnight, they take preparation and real life strategy. Discover the steps to make it happen. *Baby steps still move you forward.

3) Improve your surroundings. Invest in things that inspire, delight, calm and motivate you. A positive organized space is a productive one. Whether it be clearing your pantry of junk food, or having clean tools handy, the things ( and people) that surround you contribute to your ( demise) or success. 

*Art positively affects work, fitness, & home environments.JUST three examples: Fitness Endurance:Runner’s World reported athletes were able to work out longer while viewing art of their favourite vacation spots. Productive, Happy & Communicative: Corporate staff stated they were more productive, positive and communicative when original art was placed in their office environment. Healthcare: research states patients heal faster & need less pain medication when exposed to nature art.

4) Invest in your body, mind & spirit. (Self care.) Everything requires energy. Deplete it by living an unhealthy lifestyle and it will be challenging to be of service to your family, work, community, or your dreams. A foundation of good health is necessity. * You are never too old to put this in motion.

Investing in your potential can be empowering and fun. Sourcing ways to bring your dream to fruition is like building a support system in your honour. ~


It has been a marathon year of painting and record number of exhibitions/sales last month.  So many highlights include the thrill of having two of my paintings purchased by Mr. Shurniak. His world class diverse collection of art will never be sold, auctioned, or broken up, always available to the public, as per his estate. My work will now permanently hang forever with great masters such as: The Group of Seven, ( Casson, Lismer, Jackson, Harris) Nicolas deGrandmaison,Doris McCarthy, Allen Sapp, Arthur Shilling, James Henderson,Joe Fafard, Bernard Cathelin, Carlos Nadal, Goodridge Roberts, numerous international masters, and my dear late friend Robert Genn. 

I arrived back in Ontario 2 days ago after a month away attending the exhibits. So excited to return to the studio soon and see what emerges! ( that is, after I have a long rest.)

It’s been a great joy & learning experience, inspiring meeting new friends & collectors, hearing your stories first hand. 

Congratulations to new & veteran collectors of the work, thanks to all of you for attending the exhibits, and those who have been following the journey on Instagram & Linked In. 

Over the last few months interviews with reporters, artists & collectors seek insight. Some ask for a straight forward ‘easy path to success’. My road to becoming a professional artist hasn’t been direct, unchallenging, nor is currently, easy. 

In retrospect, this is just one the aspects in my career I am most grateful for.

 May you be you be peaceful, may you be well…..may you have grit. 

P.S   I once asked a 2x cancer survivor friend how devastating it must have been to be diagnosed a second time. He said the second diagnosis was much easier, because “I knew what I had to do.”