Sharing Manitou’s Breath

Inspiration may whisper on butterfly wings, or roar in a lightening bolt’s flash.

What feeds the painting fuels the artist; memories, emotion, experience, motion, inspirational hero’s, daybreak, soft sand underfoot, dust storms and salt water.

Manitou’s sculpted valley radiates the light of Turner with the afternoon sun. You feel awash in it’s peace glow.

Bathing in the salty fresh water, I thought of early generations visiting Manitou’s healing shores.

It’s a land that compels, and beckons with ancient legend.

Manitou’s actual salt & sand mix with pigment in this new work, “Manitou’s Breath” The paintings, as always, are meant to find their way to you, to light not just your screens, but your lives. Enjoy.

~Manitou’s healing history:

“Dan Kennedy, an Assiniboine on the Montmartre reserve tells of the legend. It goes something like this: “In 1837 there was a small pox epidemic. When the Indians were fleeing from the plains to try to get away from the scourge, they passed the site of Lake Manitou. When two young men in the group were unable to go any farther, a small tent was erected in which they could spend their remaining days. After the rest of the tribe had departed, the young men were so consumed by thirst that they crawled to the shore of the nearby lake, and as well as drinking from Lake Manitou, they immersed themselves in the water. Apparently it cooled their fever, and they spent the majority of the next few days bathing themselves on the beach. Within a few days they were recovered, and were able to take up the trail of their party. It was from this that the Indians have come to regard the waters of Lake Manitou as having great therapeutic value.”

Medicine men called the lake “Manitou” because it means God to them, believing that it came from the Great Spirit. It became known as the “Lake of the Healing Waters,” or “the Lake of the Good Spirit.”

Photos Above

  • Manitou- photo- Dawn Banning
  • Detail photos of new work “Manitou’s breath”
  •  New “Manitou’s Breath”  shown in studio light and natural light , 5feet x 3feet oil on wide profile canvas $4700.oo